Ready to party in Colombia?! You and up to 8 others can party for 3 days in Guatepe, with everything taken care of!

We’ll get you to your 5 bedroom mansion on the lakeside in our vip Mercedes van. When you arrive your private chef will be ready to serve drinks and food at your preference.

We’ll have a DJ playing all your favorite music, while the house fills up with our guests that you can make friends with! Or, bring your own people and keep it private.

In this mansion, you can party till 7am if you want! Nobody will bother you, and you’ll have security at the house 24/7.

The next day, you’ll get on a house boat and enjoy the day on jetskis and exploring the lake in the best way possible. Fresh food & drinks will be served on the boat!

Another night of partying, and you’ll be ready for a relaxing Sunday. Get amazing 1.5 hour massages at the house, eat delicious food with the chef, and tan by the pool.

This is the best experience for anyone wanting to host an incredible party that will surely go down in the books!


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Come and explore Colombia with us! We take care of all the planning, reservations, experiences, tours, food, partying, and more! Everything is catered to your preferences, and your security is our top priority! There’s a reason why so many VIPs only work with us! Reserve you experience today!