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At ColombiaXclusive, we specialize in providing VIP-level experiences that will leave you feeling like a superstar. We are an all-inclusive concierge company that specializes in creating timeless memories for our clients through 7 to 14 day immersions in the beautiful country of Colombia. In that time, you’ll see everything from the tropical islands, the vibrant city life of Medellin, and the wild jungles of the Amazon.

With an extensive network of private homes, boats, experience providers, restaurants, & much more, you can arrive in Colombia with style, and a booked itinerary. Our police-backed security ensures your safety at all times, and our hosts will make your trip as fun as possible!

We cater to a variety of clientele; for private groups between 1-12 people, we host you in top class accommodations and offer a multitude of different experiences curated to your vision. We also host influencer VIP immersions with 10-20 influencers or entrepreneurs looking to create incredible content and collaborate with each other. Ready to plan your Xperience? Talk with us now!


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Come and explore Colombia with us! We take care of all the planning, reservations, experiences, tours, food, partying, and more! Everything is catered to your preferences, and your security is our top priority! There’s a reason why so many VIPs only work with us! Reserve your experience today!

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